Thursday, December 1, 2011

a day of parkour and freerun

first video with new camera CANON 550D is finally on air. I had problem with sony vegas, I do not know why, when I render video program breaks down. It did not this thing but now does. Never mind, mainly that I done this short video from jam in Trencin from last week. Bad news is, I wanted to shooted video with 60fps and I had set up only 24 fps for movie shoot and slow motion scenes does not look I imagined. But I hope still good. I used new coloring, just game with colors. So stop talking much and click on play and watch video. Hopefully you will have fun. Photoshop from jam you can see in "photos section (up)" or on It is good to shoot video with people who work with camera. Big thanks for people who were on jam. You can wait photos and maybe video from Vienna next week.

a day of parkour & freerun from Patrick Pavlis on Vimeo.

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