Sunday, October 23, 2011


yesterday I was shooting new short film near to my town Dubnica. I am really glad that the weather was with us in one team again. Lets talk something little about film. I know people likes comedy or romantic movies like me, but I tried make something different. Depression of one man who wanna kill himself. He try to jump from the bridge to the river. What will happen ? Wait to film and you will see. A few photos from making of (down) and main picture of film. As you can see on picture main actor in film is Juraj Prekop (actor from Normal Human 32) I like cooperation with Juraj cause I think he is talented and know what he does. It was saw that his experience were more better than in first video. And who is that little boy ? Thats my cousin Sebastian I hope that you will like this performance (it was first recording by him) And now let me editing film

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