Monday, December 27, 2010

art called JU-JITSU

A short shoots from training of Ju-Jitsu in Dubnica nad Vahom. 

My friend Martin Kormendy inivted my to his training of that old martial arts. First time when I heard about Ju-Jitstu, I did not know what is it ?. So I went on training and I saw something middle of karate and judo. I said wow, it looks interesting. In video you can see tricks from Karate, Judo and yourself security. It is really hard art, I guess, for strong men. In the world is a lot of arts like painting, photographing or acrobation but this is something another. Martial arts are really old arts from Asia or Afrika. Karate, Kung-fu was created in China, Japan, of course are martial arts from Afrika or India, too. Ju-Jitsu is from Japan, and what created in 17th century. Okey stop talking about part of art what I dont know. Just watch video and enjoy short shoots from training this amazing and main old art.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nothing Uncommon

First what I wanna say is Merry Christmas for all. I hope, Santa Clause brought you everything what you wanted. And now lets me to say something about one blog of talented girl from Czech Republic. She is photographer and painter. I love her photos because she gives to her work full hard and feelings. Is really a few photographers who do work across heart. So for people who is interesting in photos and pictures check that fantastic blog/website and see her amazing work. 

here is link:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas time is coming...

Hey guys,

"White" christmas time is coming. Time of love and family. Never mind. We will not be deactive. Any plans ? Yes. We are preparing a few videos and one short movie. How you can seen, we make photos only in HD, already. What is mean ?. It is mean better quality, better colors and 1280x720 photo size. When snow will be down and calm will be "christmas photo collection". I know, on internet is lot photos about christmas but maybe we will have another special photos. And videos. It will be suprise. So now what you can do is only waiting and invite your friends to our fans page on facebook. Page is already one month and we have 107 fans. Lets rise it.

(facebook fans page)

before Christmas we will give some christmas songs there for you. 

Have a nice time...

memory loaded (Wien, Austria)

memory loaded (Wien, Austria) from Patrick Pavlis on Vimeo.

"Short video from trip in Wien, Austria. In video we used special effects named "motion tracking" in Adobe After Effects. Coloring is Magic Bullet mojo in Sony Vegas 9. We hope, you´ll like our video and enjoy this short shoots from christmas shopping in the most popular street in Vienna. "

shot from video
First time when I thought about this video, I imagined simple video with christmas song and view how people shopping. But on the way home I had idea. "I can do it like memory". So I came home and started work. I tried new program what I have long time in my PC. Adobe After Effect. It is more hard program than Sony Vegas. But it is program to special effects, 3D objects etc. I used special effect called "motion tracking" How it work ? You have to find some good object where you can tagg "motion tracking. Someone can has question "How I can know mind of people ?" I dont know it. How you can see, small texts in video is from wikipedia. It is about that street Mariahilfer Strasse and history about that place. In the future I am going to do similiar video like this one. Now I am only hoping that you liked my new video. Stay online on our blog, video or facebook fans page. Thanks a lot..