Thursday, October 21, 2010

Normal human #32 (short movie) IS HERE

Finally is it here. Our new and first short movie is ON AIR. A long time we work on this project and here is result. Big thanks to my friends which cast in video and people which rent place to record. So stop talking and let´s watch movie:

"Is age when people have depression from work, school. Every day are busy, everything does very fast without quality. A strong human can surviver battle with crazy time but weak human can´t. This story is about man which lost everything family, friends, love. He is closed in psychiatry. This movie has very interesting story so I hope that you understand"

Created/Directed/camera/editor: Patrik Pavlis
Music mixed: Boris Bližniak (big thanks bro)
Cast: Juraj Prekop, Richard Šramka
Country: Slovakia

How you could saw. We used new coloring in video. Little bit shadows and contrast. Dark colors. Looks like movie look but it is our look. Hopefuly, that you liked it. A story in film is little hard to thinking but who had depression know what about it is. Juraj Prekop and Richard did very, very good performance so really thanks my friend. Juraj is my the best actor. You saw him in Until THE END (teaser), and you´ll see in another videos. Okey okey a lot of words, I PEACE my friend don´t stop check your website. PEACE...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our videos on website

First, a big thanks to all our fans and people which watching our videos and website. Is good know that we have fans. Are you more and more. Our videos are more popular, website is more checking. I found out that our videos are on another website, too. For example this webpage "nastrenčín" (our Trenčín). Trenčín is city near to my town. I love Trenčín, I study there and I think it´s good place for recording videos. Old buildings and friendly people, there. Our video "AS BIRD-interview about freeruning" with Dominik Souhrada is very popular here in Slovakia for people which are interested in parkour and freerun. Let´s continue people !

links on our videos on

a new photo by Patrik Pavlis "a dream"
And now, let´s talking about something new what is incoming. In the near future is going to come new few short movies. A movies which will be on film festivals. One of movie is psycho/thriller movie about killer. The movie is called "Interview with myself" and second movie will be sci-fi/action "unknow calling". Hopely, that you´ll check our website. If you wanna send our web to your friends.  


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yo. New video is here !

Saturday´s morning video from "historic day of Trenčín". Trenčín is known to his castle and legends. I love this city how I said it in our video "people under castle". Atmosphere was amazing, a lot of people, everywhere was feeling Burčiak (national alcoholic drink like vine) and grilled meal. In Friday did singing there Jana Kiršner (popular Slovak singer) In video I used a few effects and magic bullet mojo coloring. I hope you´ll like this video. (sorry for bad english)

Photos from event you can see here (right panel) or on