Monday, August 29, 2011

skateboarding montage

My first skate video recorded by me is over here. It is something different than another skate videos. But need more practise recording this beautiful sport and art. Skateboarding is really close for me. I was skating a short time and now I can say that feeling when you ride on the board and do some flip is really good time. Nowadays people doing skateboarding for money no for fun and for meeting new people and not about going up to the next level. But still it is popular and beautiful hobby, sport and art. Check my first test video and if weather will be still good until the end of holiday I am going to make one longer video about skateboarding. Of course big thanks for Vlado Moravansky (skater).

Monday, August 15, 2011

top 10 summer music

Summer means for me party, events under hot summer and at party cant miss really good music. Now I wanna show to you my top 10 music, what I am listening this summer and what inspires me to creativity. With out music cant live or making good shots, so for me main part of life. My top 10 is little bit other than your, maybe. I prefer hip hop (old school style), soundtrack or classic music. So if you are bored, check this really good songs for me, maybe you find out something what you like. Now can start:
turn on my playlist....

10. Angus & Julia Stone - Santa Monica Dream
9. José González - Teardrop
8. The Temper Trap - Soldier On
7. Wiz Khalifa - Wake Up (full album rolling papers)
6. Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
5. Rizzle Kicks - Miss Cigarette
4. The xx - Shelter (full album of this group is really good)
3. Mac Miller - Travellin' Man '09
2. Plastic Bertrand Ca Plane Pour Moi
1. Kid Cudi - No One Believes Me 

for sure favorite songs are more but this is the best of. Here is music video of song number one. Really good did edit, music, acting, everything.

Monday, August 8, 2011

La Dolce Vita

A few month ago you could see music video by Kvalit (Boxerska). Now let me show new music video by him and one next young raper Aspect. Making of video was really good. Co production people who were at recording. Thanks all and big thanks for weather, too, because this weather here is really big shit. I think Kvalit and Aspect did big work on this track. I hope you will like this video, I tried new coloring again, but I do not like it so much. So What you waiting for ? Just see and enjoy. SHARE.

Here is link on but there is bad quality (not HD) I dont know why. If you wanna HD try it on FB. And down you can see a few photos from the event.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Invitation to SUMMER PARTY vol.1 in Dubnica nad Vahom. Short promo created by me for my find, DJ Cerno (organization). 26th. August, pool. Usually, I do special effects (animation) in adobe after effects but this I did in Sony Vegas. And these days I waiting for better weather, still raining here. So when will be sun at the sky, I am going to make a few videos.