Monday, April 18, 2011

new music video I Can't Stop

Finally after one month without videos is here new music video. For people who like dubstep or dnb kind of music, this video is interesting for you. I recorded this one video in Trencin (like few videos by my production), you can see. I used new coloring in Sony Vegas, colors are now more energy like summer, so I hope you liked it. I have to say BIG THANKS for actors, my friends from free running team from Dubnica. I think, video is litlle bit long but energetic. If you like this work share it on facebook or somewhere for support.

And now, lets talking about near future. In May I am going to go to England ( Manchester United and Liverpool), so you can wait a few new photos and video (maybe more videos) Do you remember video from Vienna, if yes I wanna do video from Manchester like that. If you are not our fans on facebook, you should be, there are more informations.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kvalit a Aspect - new mixtape

Did you see MC Kvalit - Boxerska music video ? Yeah, that hip-hop songs about boxing club. In last news you could saw informations about view of music video. Kvalit told to me that song named Boxerska has around 7 000 downloads, it is pretty good, I think. Incoming mixtape "Kvalit a Aspect Formarap" or named "La dolce vita" coming in this summer. This no commercial mixtape will be dope for all of you who like hiphop or rap and will be in cooperation with Aspect (raper) His first album you can download on facebook page (link down) Enjoy young talent.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

still working

A long time we didn't write any new news. I'm working on a few new videos, photos and "short story" movies. I had short break with videos because in february I recorded two videos as you can see, KVALIT - Boxerska has 3 000 views on youtube yet and interview about tattoo studio. But now is time for new videos. I have one screenplay done and more in process. I wanna tell to you this news, too. This year is going to be ART FILM FEST 2011. (we have video from 2010) Everyone who is interested in movies or festivals check that web site down. And one more news in May I'm going to go to England for some photos and short video. Stay online on our blog and facebook page. PEACE. More informations will come very soon...