Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our videos on website

First, a big thanks to all our fans and people which watching our videos and website. Is good know that we have fans. Are you more and more. Our videos are more popular, website is more checking. I found out that our videos are on another website, too. For example this webpage "nastrenčín" (our Trenčín). Trenčín is city near to my town. I love Trenčín, I study there and I think it´s good place for recording videos. Old buildings and friendly people, there. Our video "AS BIRD-interview about freeruning" with Dominik Souhrada is very popular here in Slovakia for people which are interested in parkour and freerun. Let´s continue people !

links on our videos on

a new photo by Patrik Pavlis "a dream"
And now, let´s talking about something new what is incoming. In the near future is going to come new few short movies. A movies which will be on film festivals. One of movie is psycho/thriller movie about killer. The movie is called "Interview with myself" and second movie will be sci-fi/action "unknow calling". Hopely, that you´ll check our website. If you wanna send our web to your friends.  


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