Thursday, December 15, 2011

let me fly

it is no too long after upload freeruning video from jam in Trencin. Now I wanna show you next freerun video but shorter than a day with pk. and freerun. It was just boring Sunday and I had idea about slow motion scenes in old factory area near to my hometown. It is fantastic place to make video or take photos but were icing a little so person who is in the video had really hard conditions. But never mind I think Marek did a few really good stunts, big thanks for him. And what about camera and edit ?. I have my Canon 3 weeks, maybe more and I just can say, this is what I looked for. Good video quality, sound, slow motion, everything. If you are thinking about buying this fantastic camera, let do it. And edit ? I have a little sony vegas problem, but never mind, nothing stop me. I used magic bullet as you can see, finally I found magic bullet look for sony vegas. Enjoy this shor video and if you like it share it on facebook or just click on thumps up on youtube.

and what I do now is writing, writing, writing screenplays. In this christmas holiday I am going to start record new short movie about young people, but is problem with actors, too busy, still that same problem. You just be on line on my blong and I promise new work soon. In spring and summer will be more movies now it is more harder because of weather.

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