Thursday, February 17, 2011

MC Kvalit & Flegmatix - boxerska (music video)

Here is that music video what I said. Song by MC Kvalit. A few months ago he asked me if I wanna make for him music video and I said why not ? It has had to be on another song, but I think this is right song. Song about boxing club in Dubnica nad Vahom (my city, where I live). Why about boxing ?. Dubnica is really popular in martial arts, mainly in BOX. Won a lot of turnaments, has popular boxers like Marian Zabojnik. I know if you are not from Slovakia or Czech Republic you do not understand lyrics, but only listen if you are hip hop or rap fan. Cooperating with MC Kvalit was so good and easy and I hope will be again, in the future. Here is video and  enjoy.

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