Wednesday, February 9, 2011

snow is out

  1. Hey, how are going things ?

Let me write a few informations and our plans what's next. So, next week I am going to make 2 videos. If all will go how have to. What kinds of videos ?. First, video with my mister of karate-do Marek Labo. About his tattoo studio in Dubnica nad Vahom. Why tattoo? Here in Slovakia, I guess, tattoo is not popular like in U.S.A or another better country. But it is kind of art, if you think or not, but is. What is a art today ? Music, skateboarding, movie making, photographing, painting. New generation is more and more creative. So tattoo is really real art for me. If you see tattoo on a body, it looks really good, you know. I hope, I know, it will be too interesting video for are types of ages. Maybe it will inspirate  you. And second video will be music video on song. My friend MC KVALIT (starting singer/raper) wanna music video to his new song about BOX. Box is  really popular sport over here, in Slovakia. Hopefuly, video will be recorded this month, I guess. And summer is slowly coming and out side is better and better weather, more chalanges for videos and photos. What do you have to do ? Only stay here on our blog or facebook, and give know about us to your friends. Need more supporters like you. Have a nice weekend and for students have a nice holiday.


btw, here is my work from school. (this photo is not on facebook or

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