Friday, February 25, 2011

art on the body

Hello this last Friday in February. As we see, summer is really near to us and weather is hotter but in TV we can see cold weather in few parts of Earth. Lets talking about something new. Interview with Marek Labo about his job, life style TATTOO. Marek is master of karate, too. Video is litlle bit longer than another videos by me but I wanna that people know what is tattoo. If you are from U.S.A you know a lot about tattoo but here in post communist countries it is something new. For me not and for young people too. But older people see tattoo as something bad like people from prison. Tattoo means for me kind of art, freedom and something new in life (but something good) As you can hear video is in CZECH language, but in near future will be titles for it on So hope your enjoy this video, too.


And now I really glad that I can present this famos music by my friend Boris Blizniak. He does soo interesting music as you cen hear. I am not sure what is it but he said " this is the first song from my first album which comes soon. it´s something betwen the trip hop ambient and noise. just keep listening and enjoy music" Hope you will enjoy it and please help us with support

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