Sunday, January 15, 2012


something new is here. Thing what I love the most. Recording music video and thing around that. First part of PATIS ENTERTAINMENT diary. It is first from a lot parts. This diary I will make mainly in summer holiday from festivals and trips. First part is from JL records studio in Nové Mesto nad Váhom.  In that video was famous people like Nela Pociskova or Beáta Dubasová and now WE. Big thanks to Juraj Lehuta for really good work on song. And something about edit. I have damaged HDD so I create videos and photos on notebook, I hate it. I think notebook has not too much colors how I need. So colors are little bit more colorfull as I wished, never mind. This week I will have new HDD, finally so my work can continue like before. Next week recording in radio, so wait video and photos. I forget, photos from this recording you can find on and song for free download (link is down) Enjoy:

song for free download:

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