Monday, January 30, 2012

dreams come true

Every morning people wake up full of energy to next day, full of energy to do something special, something what makes their happier or what can change their life. Work needs inspiration and inspiration needs idea. Question for you: "What is your inspiration ?". I guess someone think about money, new car, house on the beach or famous. Those all ideas we can call DREAMS. But I do not mean dreams at night. I mean something what we can call "a top of a life" Everyone definitly know sentence "dreams come true". Do not you ? How you can change  dream to reality ?. This secret is not shared but every famous person tell you "you need work a lot to make your dream true" How to be success ? I have one solution, maybe. When a chance come to you and tell you "try me", do it. Hold every chance because just try means win. From every small thing you can make big thing, bigger than you think. What I know the best is, do not sit at home and dreaming but go and work. Dreams mean for me like a religion, I I know every dream is real. It waits for you, just take it. No it isnt too easy as I say. Some people believe in god, go to the church and pray. I just close my eyes and dreaming. You know that feel. Feel like you fly in the sky. But it has just one bad thing. When you open eyes you are back in reality. Do not be sad. Stand up and do something. Go hard, do not let people take your dream because main thing what you have to do is do not stop believe. Believe in day, day when your dream come true and you won't wake up. Everybody make own world as want.

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don't forget, the biggest weapon is believe  
this isn't last text from me. I write a lot about this theme (dream and motivation). The text isnt too big as I wanted but idea is in the point. Hopefuly.

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