Sunday, November 13, 2011

old good times

So, today I found jewel. Something positively in boring Sunday. Okey, I just found old camera called "canomatec" as they say on the net "livin legend" I have to go to the shop and buy film to that camera because I wanna try shot a few photos with it. Dammit, first time I keep in my hands something like that. When I saw photos from camera on flickr I envied those fantastic colors. So here I added two photos of canomatec and you can wait some photos, soon. And of course CANON 550D is on the way, yeeah.
Nnow you can see just some video stuff from the net (viemo, youtoube) in fans page on facebook. Those are not my videos. I am just sharing good stuff for you because those videos can give you inspiration. Shit, I really whant new camera so much, I have a lot of screenplays and ideas to create good video but have to wait.

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