Monday, September 26, 2011

back from Prague

Last week I spent time in capital city of Czech Republic, Prague. I was there on the trip from school. Week of hard walking around the city, shooting photos and exploring old and famous place, where people from hollywood records movies like XXX or Mission Impossible. I wanted made short video from life of the streets but I had not more time to make it. I just shooted a few photos from there as you can see down. (More photos you can see on facebook fans page or I tried another colors as normal (some levels, channel mixer, color balance and other), and photos are more darker. And what about videos ?. Winter is coming so I have little time to make some videos. I am writing a few screenplays right now, but I do not know if I finish it to the winter or not. Winter is hard time to make videos but do not know. I will see. Of course I do it hard and if not, in winter I am going to buy new camera Canon EOS 550D so short movies I will make next year in better quality of camera. Now look at new photos from Prague and I go find inspiration to my screenplays. In next few weeks I will write here.

main train station

people in Prague
center or Prague (Vaclavske Namesti)

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