Thursday, May 19, 2011

back from Engalnd

back home from amazing trip in England. Before my trip I did not like England too much but when I came there I said "wow" with open mouth and big eyes. It was not my last time in England. In first moments on Liverpool aiport and on way to Warrington I was thinking about video and photos. How I do it. I promised longer video or more videos but when I went to Manchester I did not bring my TRIPOD there, big fail. So I had to recording video in my own hands in short time. So I hope you will like short video "random moments". I tried something like video from Vienna.

Second news:

In this saturday I am going to record new short movie with Juraj Prekop (actor from Normal Human) More information I can not write, I will later after first recording.

Director/Editor/Camera: Patrik Pavlis
Cast : Juraj Prekop
Genres: Drama 


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