Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hello everyone. First what I wanna write is "Happy new year, hopefuly this year for you will be full love, money and happiness". How people say "live today, not tomorrow". What happend in last year 2010 ?. Lets see main events.

Our videoproduction Patis entertainemnt made a lot of videos, I guess. Some good, some less good. I can say, most populary video for you is :AS BIRD interview about freeruning" with my friend Dominik Dies Sohurada. I created fans page on facebook in November 2010. Is January only three months and we have about 140 fans. I think, it is amazing. I appreciate it, really. And lets talking about this blog. Statistics presents about 1000 people who open our blog, watched videos, and saw ptohos. It is not more but is good know, that are people who come on this blog every day, week. It give me energy to next work, photos, videos and activity
Now Im preparing screenplay to incoming movie. Not short movie but will be about 30 minutes movie. What about ? I will give you know at time. So if you like photos, you are interested in photos or videos, write us. We can give your photos, here. Of course. We created new panels, videos, music. You can find amazing videos (from vimeo, from amazing moviemakers) So keep on your blog. Thanks

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