Wednesday, September 1, 2010

making of NO HOPE !

Hello. Last weeks we workin on new video project. It will be the movie "NO HOPE !". Today we recorded first scenes but weather was bad rain so next scenes we´ll record at the weekend maybe. The main actor is Marek Pavlis, Róbert Holba and Boris Bližniak. The story is about killer which doesn´t like people and kills everyone who come to him. He attacked to Marek Pavlis. What do you think ?. He is alive or not ?. You´ll see in th movie. We hope that you´ll like this project. If you have some question write us.

Name: NO HOPE !
Genre: action/thriller
Director: Patrik Pavlis
Camera/editor: Patrik Pavlis
Cast: Marek Pavlis
         Boris Bližniak
         Róbert Holba

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