Sunday, September 19, 2010

dubem duru

His songs you can hear in our coming videos

Stage name: E-dro
Real name- Emmanuel Duru
Nationality- Nigeria
Location-BIrmingham Uk
Genre-Rap/hip hop

SHort biography
Chukwudubem Emmanuel Duru was born on the 7th may 1993, He is an origin of Nigeria and grew up in Nigeria for 15 years of his life. He has 2 siblings and was born and brought up in a disciplined home. He attended his Nursery, Primary and half of his secondary school years in Nigeria. He started listening to music since he was 8 and grew up with adults who were interested in Hip Hop music.

At 11, he began listening to 2PAC and believed he was alive like majority of his fans did. When he was 14, he started performing songs by 2PAC in his school. He then started experimenting with his own rhymes at 14 but due to conditions in Nigeria, he had no access to a studio. In 2008, Emmanuel and his family moved to the United Kingdom(England) in search of better education and environment.

At 15,Emmanuel then started his last year of secondary school at Frankley community high school Birmingham. All through this, he had love for music and came across friends that loved music as well. They started freestyling at school during breaks & launch but at this stage, Emmanuel had not found himself yet and was rather rapping about what he never felt or experienced.

Emmanuel came across L4C group(Love for Christ),they are a gospel musical group and they took him to a studio and this was more of a life time experience for Emmanuel. This motivated him and brought up his spirit in music and worked on his first d├ębut track titled 'Gone But not forgotten' Featuring L4C and Justin. The track had a very good reception and this built his motivation to work more and he released his first solo track ''Fly''. This record was constantly played by fans and friends and gave Emmanuel high hopes with music.

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